A letter from the W.E.A. to Popper, dated 1 March 1939, telling him that he was recommended to teach a course for W.E.A.'s Christchurch classes in 1939.

A letter from Popper to the secretary of the W.E.A, dated 4 March 1939, in response to KP8080. Popper said he was pleased to be invited to teach philosophy for the W.E.A.

A letter from the Secretary of the W.E.A. to Messrs Whitcombe & Tombs for ordering 4 textbooks for Popper's W.E.A. course "Science in the making" in 1939.

AP071 UCU Correspondence001.jpg
Arthur Prior to the CUC Registrar, 23 Dec. 1946, accepting the position of Lecturer in Philosophy

AP072 UCU Correspondence003b.jpg
The Registrar, Canterbury University College to the Secretary of the Universities Bureau of the British Empire, 24 Dec. 1946, informing the Bureau of the appointment of Arthur Prior as a lecturer in philosophy.

AP073 UCU Correspondence002a.jpg
The Universities Bureau of the British Empire to the Canterbury University College Registrar, 3 Jan. 1947, acknowledging the receipt of the letter on the appointment of Lecturer in Philosophy

AP074 UCU Correspondence005.jpg
Arthur Prior to the Rector of UC, 7 Feb. 1958, requesting extension of the leave of absence for Shorter