The original manuscript ofA. Prior's review of Hughes & Londey's The elements of formal logic, later published in The Australasian journal of philosophy, vol. 44, 1966. Typed, contains inserted handwritten phrases and symbols, and passages marked…

The original manuscript ofA. Prior's paper later published in Southern Stars, vol. 18, 1959

The original manuscript of Prior's paper published in The Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society, vol. 56, 1955–56. Typed, with handwritten corrections. The paper was read at the meeting of the Aristotelian Society in London on 28 May 1956, at 7…

The original manuscript ofA. Prior's paper later published in Philosophy and the phenomenological research, vol. 15, 1955.

The original manuscript ofA. Prior's paperlater published in The British journal for the philosophy of science, vol. 6, 1955–56. Mentions Popper in §7

The original manuscript of A. Prior's paper published in Philosophical studies, vol. 14, 1963. Signed as Prior, Manchester University. Possibly typed in 1961, as no reference is of a later date.

The original manuscript of A. Prior's paper later published in R. J. Butler (ed.) Analytical philosophy, Blackwell, Oxford, 1962. The first 25 pages originate in 1955, followed by a note and 4 pages of corrections from 1962. In the note, Prior…

A mimeograph of logic material from several authors, compiled by Arthur Prior and known as "LMMPT", after the authors’ initials: E.J. Lemmon; C.A. Meredith; D. Meredith; A.N. Prior; I. Thomas

A photocopy of Prior's manuscript for a children/beginners’ logic textbook. A note on the back page says "Copyright - 1970 Mary Prior". It is believed that "First things in logic" was a byproduct of Prior's work on the textbook "The craft of formal…

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A four-part booklet of logic material on strict implication. It is compiled by Prior, from his and notes by other authors, mainly C.A. Meredith and mimeographed at the University of Canterbury's Philosophy Department. It is marked as a donation from…