AP247 Arthur Prior in Auckland 1934.jpg
Young Arthur Prior on a family picnic in Auckland in January 1934, age 19. From left: Margaret Sinclaire (Arthur Prior's cousin, daughter of his father Norman's oldest sister), Ian Prior (Arthur's half brother), Arthur Prior, Mrs. Gregor (relative of…

AP248 46 Perry St. Masterton.jpg
46 Perry St. Masterton, New Zealand: the family home and the GP office of Dr. Norman Prior, Arthur's father. Norman himself was born in that house and continued to live there when in 1912 he married his first wife and Arthur's mother Bessie, who died…

A photograph of Karl and Hennie Popper standing in front of the Ball Hut road in 1945.

A photograph of Karl and Hennie Popper with two friends outside the Ball hut in 1945. From left to right: Margaret Wigley, Karl Popper, Hennie Popper and Jan Holm (nee Morse).

AP232 Carew A. Meredith.jpg
A photograph of Arthur's colleague Carew Arthur Meredith (28 July 1904 – 31 March 1976), taken in Dublin in 1947. Meredith was a mathematician at the Trinity College Dublin and developed strong interest in formal logic under the influence of Jan…

AP226 Four people at East-West conference in Canberra.jpg
Four people during the East-West conference in Canberra in December 1957

AP227 Two man at East-West conference in Canberra.jpg
Two men during the East-West conference in Canberra in December 1957

AP221 Arthur Prior, John Mackay, John Passmore, Chopra among a group of Indian scholars.jpg
Arthur Prior (front central) with a group of colleagues: front left first John Mackie, second Alan Stout, behind Mackie is John Passmore. Quentin Boyce Gibson is first from right in the middle row and A. Boyce Gibson possibly the fourth from the left…

AP222 Arthur, Mary and Chopra.jpg
Arthur and Mary Prior with a colleague at the East-West conference in Canberra, in December 1957

AP251 Wedding photo of Arthur Prior's parents.jpg
The wedding photograph of Bessie (Elizabeth Munton Rothesay Teague) and Norman Prior. Sitting from left: the youngest sister of Bessie, Monica; Bessie's mother, Mrs. Teague; Bessie, second youngest sister of Bessie, Dora; standing from left:…