AP231t Tarski-01.jpg
Alfred Tarski (1901–1983), probably the most famous logician that came out of the Warsaw School of Logic. He was a student of Jan Łukasiewicz at the University of Warsaw. He emigrated to the United States in 1939, at the beginning of the German…

AP235 Michael Shorter sitting.jpg
A photograph of Prior's colleague Michael Shorter. Michael Shorter joined the Philosophy Department when Prior took his sabbatical year in 1956.

AP224 Prior photo.gif
A portrait photo of Prior

AP223 Photo portrait of Prior.jpg
A portrait photo of Prior

AP230 Jan Łukasiewicz.tif
A photograph of young Jan Łukasiewicz (21 December 1878 – 13 February 1956), the famous founder of the Polish school of logic, who had enormous influence on Arthur Prior's own development as a logician. Łukasiewicz is the inventor of the Polish…

AP253 Arthur and Ann Prior in a 'cuddle seat' near the Cathedral Square, 2 Jan 1951.jpg
Arthur Prior carrying baby daughter Ann in a 'cuddle seat', near the Cathedral Square in Central Christchurch, in early 1951.

AP254 Arthur Prior in 1960.jpg
Arthur Prior in 1960

AP240 Czeslaw Lejewski.jpg
Photographs of K. Popper's student and Arthur Prior's colleague in Manchester, Czesław Lejewski. Lejewski (1913-2001) was a Polish philosopher and logician, who grew out of the Lwow-Warsaw School of Logic. He studied under Jan Łukasiewicz in…

AP246 The Prior in Wellington.jpg
The Priors at a family gathering in Wellington in 1958, at the house of Arthur's half brother Owen. From left: Ann (daughter), Mary (wife), Martin (son), Norman (Arthur's father, sitting), Arthur Prior, Jessie (step mother) holding two babies

AP241 Arthur, Mary, Martin, Ann and Philip Woollaston.jpg
The Priors in front of their home on 23 Vernon Terrace, Christchurch in 1958.
From left, Phillip Wollaston (family friend, son of the artist Toss Woollaston), Martin, Ann
Mary and Arthur Prior