AP231t Tarski-01.jpg
Alfred Tarski (1901–1983), probably the most famous logician that came out of the Warsaw School of Logic. He was a student of Jan Łukasiewicz at the University of Warsaw. He emigrated to the United States in 1939, at the beginning of the German…

AP217 Arthur Prior with a child.jpg
Arthur Prior with his daughter Ann during a visit to Wellington

AP210 Arthur holding Ann in arms.jpg
Arthur Prior holding his son Martin, at the cottage of Mary Prior's parents at Peel Forest. The visitors were Mr and Mrs Jack Oathout from the US

AP222 Arthur, Mary and Chopra.jpg
Arthur and Mary Prior with a colleague at the East-West conference in Canberra, in December 1957

AP201 Prior photo.jpg
A profile portrait photograph of A.N. Prior, taken during a bonfire with the neighbors on Granger St. in Christchurch

AP205 Arthur's portrait photo, used in The press 1952.jpg
A profile portrait photo of Prior, used in The Press in 1952

AP205b Arthur's portrait photo 1952.jpg
A portrait photograph of Arthur Prior

AP223 Photo portrait of Prior.jpg
A portrait photo of Prior

AP224 Prior photo.gif
A portrait photo of Prior

AP254 Arthur Prior in 1960.jpg
Arthur Prior in 1960