Link to an audio recording of Prior's radio talk "Many-valued logics", part of the three-talk series entitled "The Logic Game" (1957). This is the third talk, broadcast on 17 November 1957. Only the second half of the talk is recorded. It starts at…

_B0K9737 Land 1 p63 ANP Review Abolition of Man.jpg
Prior's review of Clive S. Lewis's book Abolition of man, published in Landfall, vol. 1 (1947), pp. 63 – 67.

_B0K9749 Land 1 p314 ANP Review Moral Sense.jpg
Prior's review of D. Daiches Raphael's book The moral sense, published in Landfall, vol. 1 (1947), pp. 314 – 318

_B0K9742 Land 1 p136 ANP Review Open Society.jpg
Prior's review of K. Popper's book Open society and its enemies, published in Landfall, vol. 1 (1947), pp. 136 – 142

_B0K9754 Land 2 p8 ANP Disruption.jpg
Prior's article "Disruption", published in Landfall, vol. 2 (1948), pp. 8 – 18

_B0K9773 Land 4 p257 Review of LBE.jpg
Review of Prior's book Logic and the basis of ethics, by S. A. Grave, published in Landfall, vol. 4 (1950), pp. 257 – 262

_B0K9765 Land 6 p49 ANP This Quarter.jpg
Prior's article "This quarter", published in Landfall, vol. 6 (1952), pp. 49-53, is a summary of Prior's impressions and commentary on the philosophy congress he attended in Sydney in 1951. This congress had significant impact on him as a philosopher…

The Master's thesis of Prior's student Jonathan Bennett, entitled "The paradoxes of strict implication", submitted in 1952. Prior supervised the thesis, and some of his papers are referenced in the bibliography. There are quotes from Prior's…

_B0K9770 Land 10 p363 Review of APs Formal Logic.jpg
Review of Prior's book Formal logic, by R. G. Durrant, published in Landfall, vol. 10 (1956), pp. 363-365