The Master's thesis of Prior's student Jonathan Bennett, entitled "The paradoxes of strict implication", submitted in 1952. Prior supervised the thesis, and some of his papers are referenced in the bibliography. There are quotes from Prior's…

_B0K9770 Land 10 p363 Review of APs Formal Logic.jpg
Review of Prior's book Formal logic, by R. G. Durrant, published in Landfall, vol. 10 (1956), pp. 363-365

_B0K9811 List 31-3-50 p12 Review of ANP Logic & Basis Ethics.jpg
Review of Prior's first book Logic and the basis of ethics (1949), by John Laird, published in NZ Listener, 31 March 1950, p. 12

_B0K9800 List 6-4-51 p5 ANP review Christian Doctrine.jpg
Prior's review of the book Manuel of doctrineby J.M. Bates, in NZ Listener, 6 April 1951, p. 12-13

_B0K9808 List 8-5-53 p12 ANP Review Philosophers Mind.jpg
Prior's review of Passmore's book Hume's intentions, in NZ Listener, 8 May 1953, p. 12

AP034_B0K9789 List 9-12-49 p17 ANP How Things Began - review.jpg
Prior's review of G.H. Duggan's book Evolution and philosophy, published in NZ Listener on 9 December 1949, p. 17. This review would trigger a long debate in NZ Listener, entitled "How things began".