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Karl Popper: Photographs

Czesław Lejewski [photograph]

AP240 Czeslaw Lejewski.jpg

Photographs of K. Popper's student and Arthur Prior's colleague in Manchester, Czesław Lejewski. Lejewski (1913-2001) was a Polish philosopher and…

Portrait of K.R. Popper [photograph]


A photograph of Karl Popper in 1939, submitted as part of his application for employment at Canterbury University College.

Karl and Hennie Popper at the Ball Hut [photograph]


A photograph of Karl and Hennie Popper standing in front of the Ball Hut road in 1945.

Karl and Hennie Popper with friends at the Ball hut [photograph]


A photograph of Karl and Hennie Popper with two friends outside the Ball hut in 1945. From left to right: Margaret Wigley, Karl Popper, Hennie Popper…