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Arthur Prior: In the media

A.N. Prior, "A Philosopher's Mind"

_B0K9808 List 8-5-53 p12 ANP Review Philosophers Mind.jpg

Prior's review of Passmore's book Hume's intentions, in NZ Listener, 8 May 1953, p. 12

A.N. Prior, "Kremlin and Vatican"

_B0K9809 List 11-7-52 p12 ANP Review Vatican and Kremlin.jpg

Prior's review of the book Communism, democracy and catholic power byPaul Blanshard,in NZ Listener, 11 July 1952, p. 5

A.N. Prior, "Christian Doctrine"

_B0K9800 List 6-4-51 p5 ANP review Christian Doctrine.jpg

Prior's review of the book Manuel of doctrineby J.M. Bates, in NZ Listener, 6 April 1951, p. 12-13

A.N. Prior et al., "How things began"

AP034b_B0K9792 List 23-12-49 p5 Replies to AP.jpg

Debate between Prior and others in NZ Listener, following Prior's review "How things begun" of G. H. Duggan's book Evolution and philosophy on 9 Dec.…

The Times: Mr Arthur Prior, A notable scholar

AP058, The Times, Obituary Supp 17 Oct 69.jpg

Additional commentary by A. Kenny on Prior's obituary in The Times. The Times, 17 Oct. 1969.

A.N. Prior, "This quarter"

_B0K9765 Land 6 p49 ANP This Quarter.jpg

Prior's article "This quarter", published in Landfall, vol. 6 (1952), pp. 49-53, is a summary of Prior's impressions and commentary on the philosophy…

A.N. Prior, "In other worlds"

_B0K9790 List 23-12-49 p12 ANP In Other Worlds - review.jpg

Prior's review of Signe Toksvig's book Emmanuel Swedenborg, scientist and mystic, published in NZ Listener, on 23 December 1949, p. 12-13

The Press: "Philosophical congress, opening meetings yesterday"

AP044 Conference 23 May 53 p2 cropped and enhanced.tif

Newspaper report in The Press on the first day of the Philosophy Congress held in Christchurch from 22-25 May 1953. It was the first ever philosophy…

A.N. Prior, "Mohammedanism"

_B0K9797 List 13-1-50 p15 ANP Review Mohammedanism.jpg

Prior's review of the book Mohammedanismby H.A.R. Gibb, in NZ Listener, 13 January 1950, p. 15

A.N. Prior et al., "Religion in schools"

_B0K9785 List 8-1-45 p5 ANP Religion in Schools A.tif

A debate between Prior and Argosy on "Religion in schools", held through letters to the editor in NZ Listener, published on 8 Jan. 1945, p. 5 (Prior);…

A.N. Prior on New Zealand Radio: "Many-valued logics"

Link to an audio recording of Prior's radio talk "Many-valued logics", part of the three-talk series entitled "The Logic Game" (1957). This is the…

The Press: "Personal Items"

AP045 The Press, Prior 27 Apr 55 p12 cropped and enhanced & arrow.tif

Newspaper notice on Prior being granted refresher leave for 1956, The Press, 27 Apr. 1955, p. 12

The Press: "Professor Returns, Visit to British Universities"

AP048 The Press, Prior from Oxford 25 Jan 57 p80001 cropped & enhanced.jpg

Newspaper report on Prior's activities during his year of study leave in the UK

The Press: "Government Policy On University 'Shocking'"

AP052 The Press, Prior on Uni 26 Nov p16 cropped & enhanced.tif

Christchurch newspaper The Press made an interview with A.N. Prior on the eve of his departure from New Zealand to the UK, to take up an academic…

The Press: "Philosophical congress, Sessions During Weekend & Holding of More Congresses"

AP044c Conference 25 May 53 p30000 cropped&enhanced b.tif

Two newspaper articles on the Philosophy Congress held in Christchurch from 22-25 May 1953, one reporting on the 2nd and the 3rd day sessions; the…

The Press: "Philosophical Congress, Final Session"

AP044d Conference 26 May 53 p30001 cropped and enhanced.tif

Newspaper report on the final day of the Philosophy Congress held in Christchurch from 22-25 May 1953. It was the first ever philosophy conference…

The Press: "Philosophical congress, Seven professors of philosophy meet in Christchurch" [photograph]

AP044b Conference Photo 23 May 53 p30000 enhanced.tif

A photograph of the seven professors, including Prior, attending the Philosophy Congress in Christchurch from 22-25 May 1953. It was the first ever…

The Press: "Professor Prior Made British Academy Fellow"

AP053 Prior BA 27 Jul 63, p14 0000 cropped and enhanced.tif

Newspaper notice on Prior's appointment as British Academy Fellow, with biography and a photo of Prior.

The Press: "Appointment in Britain - Professor A. N. Prior"

AP051 The Press, Prior to Manch 4 Aug p10 enhanced.tif

Newspaper notice on Prior's appointment at the University of Manchester, a short biography and a photo of Prior.

The Press: "Philosophical Society, 1958 Conference Opens"

AP050 The Press, Conference 22 May 58 p70000 small enhanced.tif

Newspaper notice on the Fifth annual conference of the New Zealand section of the Australasian philosophy association, quoting Prior.

The Press: "Philosophy Commended to Politicians in N.Z."

AP049 The Press,  Prior on Phil 7 Jan 58 p6 enhanced and cropped.tif

Newspaper interview with Prior on the significance of philosophical education, in the light of his UK experience and his attendance of the philosophy…

The Press: "John Locke Lectures, Professor Prior to Give Series, Oxford University Invitation"

AP047 The Press, Prior to Oxford 7 Dec p14 enhanced.tif

Newspaper article on Prior's plans for his study leave year in the UK

The Press: "Civil Liberties - Weaknesses Evident in New Zealand Thought"

AP046 The Press, Prior 4 May 55 p12 cropped & enhanced.tif

The text of Prior's address "The Threat to Civil Liberties in New Zealand Today and Tomorrow" at the annual meeting of the Civil Liberties Council in…

The Press: "Professor of Philosophy, Appointment of Mr A.N. Prior"

AP043 1952 Prior appointed Prof 8 Nov 52 p5 cropped & enhanced .jpg

Newspaper notice of Prior's appointment as professor of philosophy at Canterbury University College, including his biography and a photo of him, The…

Review of A.N. Prior's Formal logic: R.G. Durrant, "Formal logic, A.N. Prior"

_B0K9770 Land 10 p363 Review of APs Formal Logic.jpg

Review of Prior's book Formal logic, by R. G. Durrant, published in Landfall, vol. 10 (1956), pp. 363-365

A.N. Prior, "How things began"

AP034_B0K9789 List 9-12-49 p17 ANP How Things Began - review.jpg

Prior's review of G.H. Duggan's book Evolution and philosophy, published in NZ Listener on 9 December 1949, p. 17. This review would trigger a long…

Review of A.N. Prior's Logic and the basis of ethics: J. Laird, "The moral argument"

_B0K9811 List 31-3-50 p12 Review of ANP Logic & Basis Ethics.jpg

Review of Prior's first book Logic and the basis of ethics (1949), by John Laird, published in NZ Listener, 31 March 1950, p. 12

Interview in the NZ Listener with G. Ryle: "Man of Ideas"

_B0K9813 List 24-9-54 p22-3 Man of Ideas on Ryle Visit to NZ.jpg

Article in NZ Listener, based on an interview with the English philosopher Gilbert Ryle, during his visit to New Zealan in 1954 and a photo of him,…

Review of A.N. Prior's Formal logic: J. Dugdale, "New Zealand logician"

_B0K9810 List 2-12-55 p16-7 Review of ANP Formal Logic.jpg

J. Dugdale's review of Prior's Formal logic, in NZ Listener, 2 December 1955, p. 16-17

Report in NZ Listener on A.N. Prior's logic talks on BBC: "Playful professor"

_B0K9801 List 10-5-57 p18 Open Mic review of APs talks.jpg

Article on Prior's logic talks given for BBC in 1956, during his sabbatical year in the UK, and a photo of Prior, in NZ Listener, 10 May 1957, p. 18

A.N. Prior, "Disruption"

_B0K9754 Land 2 p8 ANP Disruption.jpg

Prior's article "Disruption", published in Landfall, vol. 2 (1948), pp. 8 – 18

A.N. Prior, "The abolition of man, C.S.Lewis"

_B0K9737 Land 1 p63 ANP Review Abolition of Man.jpg

Prior's review of Clive S. Lewis's book Abolition of man, published in Landfall, vol. 1 (1947), pp. 63 – 67.

A.N. Prior, "The moral sense, D. Daiches Raphael"

_B0K9749 Land 1 p314 ANP Review Moral Sense.jpg

Prior's review of D. Daiches Raphael's book The moral sense, published in Landfall, vol. 1 (1947), pp. 314 – 318

A.N. Prior, "The open society and its enemies, K.R. Popper"

_B0K9742 Land 1 p136 ANP Review Open Society.jpg

Prior's review of K. Popper's book Open society and its enemies, published in Landfall, vol. 1 (1947), pp. 136 – 142

Review of A.N. Prior's Logic and the basis of ethics: S.A. Grave, "Logic and the basis of ethics, Arthur N. Prior"

_B0K9773 Land 4 p257 Review of LBE.jpg

Review of Prior's book Logic and the basis of ethics, by S. A. Grave, published in Landfall, vol. 4 (1950), pp. 257 – 262

The Press: "World-renowned logician back"

AP054 edited, Prior back to NZ 10Jul65.tif

Newspaper article, with a photo, on Prior's visit to New Zealand from England as a guest lecturer in 1965. The Press, 10 July 1965, p. 16

The Press: "Professor A. N. Prior accepts fellowship at Balliol College, Oxford"

AP055 edited Prior to Oxford 17Sep66.tif

Newspaper photo and a clip about Prior's appointment at The Balliol College. The Press, 17 Sept 1966, p. 14

The Press: "New Zealand philosopher dies overseas"

AP056 Obituary edited 10Oct69.jpg

Newspaper obituary of A.N. Prior, The Press, 10 Oct. 1969, p. 12.

The Press: "Staff changes"

AP043 The Press STAFF CHANGES 18-12-1945.pdf

Newspaper notice of A.N. Prior's appointment as a temporary lecturer in philosophy at Canterbury University College. The Press, 18 December 1945, p.…

The Times: Obituary - Mr A. N. Prior, Philosopher and author

AP057, The Times, Obituary 8 Oct 69.jpg

Newspaper clip of Prior's obituary, with biography. The Times, 8 Oct. 1969.