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AP244 Norman, Elaine, Nana and Arthur Prior.jpg
Arthur Prior with his father Norman, step mother Jessie and half-sister Elein in 1957. Possibly, taken at Elaine's place in Warapa, Ahi Paku Long Bush. From left: Norman, Elaine, Jessie and Arthur Prior

AP252 Mary Prior and baby Martin on top of Arthur.jpg
Mary and Arthur Prior, holding his newly born son Martin in 1944. Arthur is dressed in military uniform, as he was then serving in (RNZAF) Royal New Zealand Air Force, stationed in Wigram, Christchurch.

AP253 Arthur and Ann Prior in a 'cuddle seat' near the Cathedral Square, 2 Jan 1951.jpg
Arthur Prior carrying baby daughter Ann in a 'cuddle seat', near the Cathedral Square in Central Christchurch, in early 1951.

AP254 Arthur Prior in 1960.jpg
Arthur Prior in 1960

AP057, The Times, Obituary 8 Oct 69.jpg
Newspaper clip of Prior's obituary, with biography. The Times, 8 Oct. 1969.

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AP054 edited, Prior back to NZ 10Jul65.tif
Newspaper article, with a photo, on Prior's visit to New Zealand from England as a guest lecturer in 1965. The Press, 10 July 1965, p. 16

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AP056 Obituary edited 10Oct69.jpg
Newspaper obituary of A.N. Prior, The Press, 10 Oct. 1969, p. 12.

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_B0K9813 List 24-9-54 p22-3 Man of Ideas on Ryle Visit to NZ.jpg
Article in NZ Listener, based on an interview with the English philosopher Gilbert Ryle, during his visit to New Zealan in 1954 and a photo of him, published on 24 September 1954, p. 22-23. Among other things,Gilbert Ryle talks about Arthur Prior,…

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_B0K9801 List 10-5-57 p18 Open Mic review of APs talks.jpg
Article on Prior's logic talks given for BBC in 1956, during his sabbatical year in the UK, and a photo of Prior, in NZ Listener, 10 May 1957, p. 18

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AP046 The Press, Prior 4 May 55 p12 cropped & enhanced.tif
The text of Prior's address "The Threat to Civil Liberties in New Zealand Today and Tomorrow" at the annual meeting of the Civil Liberties Council in Christchurch in late April 1955, The Press, 4 May 1955

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