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AP058, The Times, Obituary Supp 17 Oct 69.jpg
Additional commentary by A. Kenny on Prior's obituary in The Times. The Times, 17 Oct. 1969.

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_B0K9785 List 8-1-45 p5 ANP Religion in Schools A.tif
A debate between Prior and Argosy on "Religion in schools", held through letters to the editor in NZ Listener, published on 8 Jan. 1945, p. 5 (Prior); 12 Jan. 1945, p. 5 (Argosy); 23 Feb. 1945, p. 5 (reply from Prior).

A notice of the W.E.A. classes that states the title, time, location, and name of the tutor for each of the 13 classes. Popper's class was scheduled on Tuesdays.

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_B0K9801 List 10-5-57 p18 Open Mic review of APs talks.jpg
Article on Prior's logic talks given for BBC in 1956, during his sabbatical year in the UK, and a photo of Prior, in NZ Listener, 10 May 1957, p. 18

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AP054 edited, Prior back to NZ 10Jul65.tif
Newspaper article, with a photo, on Prior's visit to New Zealand from England as a guest lecturer in 1965. The Press, 10 July 1965, p. 16

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AP056 Obituary edited 10Oct69.jpg
Newspaper obituary of A.N. Prior, The Press, 10 Oct. 1969, p. 12.

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_B0K9809 List 11-7-52 p12 ANP Review Vatican and Kremlin.jpg
Prior's review of the book Communism, democracy and catholic power byPaul Blanshard,in NZ Listener, 11 July 1952, p. 5

AP034b_B0K9792 List 23-12-49 p5 Replies to AP.jpg
Debate between Prior and others in NZ Listener, following Prior's review "How things begun" of G. H. Duggan's book Evolution and philosophy on 9 Dec. 1949: (1) Duggan's reply to Prior's review on 23 December 1949, p. 5; (2)Letter by Reader on 30…

_B0K9797 List 13-1-50 p15 ANP Review Mohammedanism.jpg
Prior's review of the book Mohammedanismby H.A.R. Gibb, in NZ Listener, 13 January 1950, p. 15

AP055 edited Prior to Oxford 17Sep66.tif
Newspaper photo and a clip about Prior's appointment at The Balliol College. The Press, 17 Sept 1966, p. 14

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