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AP071 UCU Correspondence001.jpg
Arthur Prior to the CUC Registrar, 23 Dec. 1946, accepting the position of Lecturer in Philosophy

AP074 UCU Correspondence005.jpg
Arthur Prior to the Rector of UC, 7 Feb. 1958, requesting extension of the leave of absence for Shorter

AP057, The Times, Obituary 8 Oct 69.jpg
Newspaper clip of Prior's obituary, with biography. The Times, 8 Oct. 1969.

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AP058, The Times, Obituary Supp 17 Oct 69.jpg
Additional commentary by A. Kenny on Prior's obituary in The Times. The Times, 17 Oct. 1969.

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_B0K9737 Land 1 p63 ANP Review Abolition of Man.jpg
Prior's review of Clive S. Lewis's book Abolition of man, published in Landfall, vol. 1 (1947), pp. 63 – 67.

AP201 Prior photo.jpg
A profile portrait photograph of A.N. Prior, taken during a bonfire with the neighbors on Granger St. in Christchurch

The original manuscript of Prior's paper published in The Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society, vol. 56, 1955–56. Typed, with handwritten corrections. The paper was read at the meeting of the Aristotelian Society in London on 28 May 1956, at 7 pm,…

The original manuscript ofA. Prior's review of Hughes & Londey's The elements of formal logic, later published in The Australasian journal of philosophy, vol. 44, 1966. Typed, contains inserted handwritten phrases and symbols, and passages marked…

The original manuscript ofA. Prior's paperlater published in The British journal for the philosophy of science, vol. 6, 1955–56. Mentions Popper in §7

AP043 1952 Prior appointed Prof 8 Nov 52 p5 cropped & enhanced .jpg
Newspaper notice of Prior's appointment as professor of philosophy at Canterbury University College, including his biography and a photo of him, The Press, Sat. 8 November 1952, p. 5.
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