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_B0K9809 List 11-7-52 p12 ANP Review Vatican and Kremlin.jpg
Prior's review of the book Communism, democracy and catholic power byPaul Blanshard,in NZ Listener, 11 July 1952, p. 5

_B0K9797 List 13-1-50 p15 ANP Review Mohammedanism.jpg
Prior's review of the book Mohammedanismby H.A.R. Gibb, in NZ Listener, 13 January 1950, p. 15

Link to an audio recording of Prior's radio talk "Many-valued logics", part of the three-talk series entitled "The Logic Game" (1957). This is the third talk, broadcast on 17 November 1957. Only the second half of the talk is recorded. It starts at…

_B0K9737 Land 1 p63 ANP Review Abolition of Man.jpg
Prior's review of Clive S. Lewis's book Abolition of man, published in Landfall, vol. 1 (1947), pp. 63 – 67.

_B0K9749 Land 1 p314 ANP Review Moral Sense.jpg
Prior's review of D. Daiches Raphael's book The moral sense, published in Landfall, vol. 1 (1947), pp. 314 – 318

_B0K9742 Land 1 p136 ANP Review Open Society.jpg
Prior's review of K. Popper's book Open society and its enemies, published in Landfall, vol. 1 (1947), pp. 136 – 142

_B0K9754 Land 2 p8 ANP Disruption.jpg
Prior's article "Disruption", published in Landfall, vol. 2 (1948), pp. 8 – 18

_B0K9790 List 23-12-49 p12 ANP In Other Worlds - review.jpg
Prior's review of Signe Toksvig's book Emmanuel Swedenborg, scientist and mystic, published in NZ Listener, on 23 December 1949, p. 12-13

_B0K9773 Land 4 p257 Review of LBE.jpg
Review of Prior's book Logic and the basis of ethics, by S. A. Grave, published in Landfall, vol. 4 (1950), pp. 257 – 262

_B0K9765 Land 6 p49 ANP This Quarter.jpg
Prior's article "This quarter", published in Landfall, vol. 6 (1952), pp. 49-53, is a summary of Prior's impressions and commentary on the philosophy congress he attended in Sydney in 1951. This congress had significant impact on him as a philosopher…
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