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Prior's review of K. Popper's book Open society and its enemies, published in Landfall, vol. 1 (1947), pp. 136 – 142

A telegraph receipt for the payment of 5s 7d, paid by Karl Pooper.

A receipt for 10s paid to the Bennie S. Cohen & Sons by Karl Popper.

A water bill addressed to Hennie Popper from the Heathcote County Council, for 9s.

A power bill addressed to Karl Popper from Heathcote County Council for electrical power, for £1-10s-1d.

A rates notice from Heathcote County Council, addressed to Hennie Popper, for the sum of £14-7s-1d.

A notice from Edward Lumley & Sons Ltd, saying that the insurance policy on the Poppers' house needed renewing. The policy was under Hennie's name. Included is a receipt for a cheque to the same company and the insurance cover.

A notice letter from Boracure NZ Ltd to Karl Popper, confirming the treatment of the Poppers' home that Boracure NZ Ltd had been hired to perform.

A formal offer from George and Edith Roth to purchase the Poppers' house, which is in Hennie's name.

Official insurance papers for Poppers' house under Karl's names, Included are a contingency schedule and receipts of payments.
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